Wind shield for Tascam DR-05 recorder


How to make the Poileuse wind shield

On the back of a piece of long-haired fur, mark out a rectangle the size shown below.
(You may need to use different dimensions if your recorder is different from the Tascam DR-05)

Cut it out and clip about 1/2" off the corners

With the furry side downwards

fold about 1/2" of the edges upwards and inwards

then stitch them down as shown.

Fold in half lengthways, furry sides together.

Tuck in any stray ends of fur.
Stitch as shown to give a double row of stitching for strength.

The gap of 2.5" suits a Tascam DR-05, but may be varied to suit other recorders.


Turn the whole thing 'inside out' through the gap, so the furry side is outwards.


Cut a 6" x 8" rectangle of open-cell foam rubber.
The type with a 'bubbly 'surface which is used to line transit cases will be found suitable.

Fold lengthway with the bubbled sides touching.



Stuff it through the gap in the outer furry cover
so that the unfolded edges are on the same side as the gap.
Make sure it is evenly distributed and fills the interior snugly

You should now find you can slip the whole thing over the recorder microphones
but still leave all the controls accessible.