Requires only minimal dressmaking skills which can be acquired from sewing tutorials on the Web.

When made from denim or chambray this 'A'-line skirt is a robust garment which is equally suitable for men or women. The classic design is aimed at comfort rather than any particular fashion trend, there is an option to have large pockets which are particularly practical for everyday wear.

If made from other types of cotton fabric, the skirt can create a smart but more formal impression.

There are several possible variations in the design which you can select to suit your particular taste:
 Zip in the centre of the front panel

 Zip concealed in a side seam.

 The illustrations show large scalloped side pockets, but a version with smaller patch pockets is also described in the text.

The skirt can be made in any length and waist size. This example has a 33" 84cm waist and is 34" 86cm long with scalloped pockets and a centre zip.


By choosing a different length for the hemline, the 'flare' of the skirt can also be altered.

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If you are new to wearing a skirt or have always wanted to wear one but never dared, you might find other people's experiences useful. There is a wealth of background knowledge about skirt-wearing at: SkirtCafé