The " Cabinet Three"

There`s this brand new vintage wireless I made just yesterday --well, something like that.

It started with the discovery of an attractive oak cabinet, complete with tuning dials and tuning capacitors, but nothing else apart from some vintage wormholes .The main cabinet was of commercial origin and bore the logo "Miracle" inside the lid and had also a hand signed "tested" label underneath the cabinet giving it`s number as 5749 and dated 27/2/30 . The baseboard and associated wooden brackets within looked like an amateur replacement, as if someone had started a rebuild but given up before mounting a single component.

It simply cried out for some "TLC" to bring it back to life A second Telsen Dual Range coil had also recently been acquired, making a valve line up of Screen Grid, Triode detector and Pentode output possible and so the "Cabinet Three" was born.Tuning is a two handed affair and to get a station accurately tuned in requires a bit of "twiddling " with the dials.


The internals with the Telsen coil covers removed






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