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As a small boy in the late 1920`s I was fascinated by the radios ("wireless") of the period with their rectangular oak cabinets, complete with lift up lid displaying mysterious contents. Later, as a schoolboy in the 1930`s, I made many"wireless"using some of the vast quantity of second hand parts that became cheaply available as the DIY boom faded with the arrival of more commercial sets and the "screwdriver and pliers"man ceased to be able to deal with the increasing complexity.
This small site arises from my nostalgic recollections of those departed days,together with a recent opportunity to obtain sufficient components from that period to make some restoration possible.

Tuning Assembly


Condensers,Rheostat and Valve holder


Screened Grid, Triode, Output Triode and Output Pentode

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  "Amateur Six "

 "Acme Four"

" Cabinet Three"

 "Lissen Short Wave"


 "Comic Cuts ?"


The Mullard "Orgola III"

A kit set wireless of 1931

A small Power Pack

 The Graves "Vulcan"

 The "New Gem"



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